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"At RapidDoc Urgent Care in Los Angeles, we specialize in providing the best X-ray services with fast results. We know the last thing you need when you are experiencing an emergency is to wait. "

Our walk-in clinic makes it quick and easy to receive expert medical care from experienced professionals. From fractures, sprains, and injuries to detection of a foreign body, our state-of-the-art equipment provides digital X-rays that are fast and accurate for injury evaluation and an accurate diagnosis.

High Quality Digital X-Rays

Comprehensive Imaging Solutions

A digital X-ray is a painless, quick test that produces images of internal structures inside your body – like bones. X-ray machines let off beams that pass throughout your body and are absorbed in varying degrees depending on the density of the material they pass through. Dense material – like bones – appear white while fat and muscle show up in shades of gray.

To ensure accuracy, our X-rays are performed using high quality equipment and are conducted by our compassionate and capable medical professionals. Our goal is to keep you as comfortable as possible during the process.

Fractures, Sprains, Injuries, and More

Do you think you may have broken a bone? The most common reasons for X-rays include suspected bone fractures, sprains, and injuries. While fractures and sprains are both painful, they are quite different in nature.

Our X-Ray services at Los Angeles Urgent Care provide fracture detection and diagnosis for sprains and other injuries. It’s important to know what type of injury you must determine the proper treatment. Our outstanding team at RapidDoc Urgent Care can perform injury evaluation through bone imaging for fast results so you can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

X-Rays for All Your Needs

In addition to fractures and sprains, X-rays can confirm or exclude suspicions for other types of injuries or existing conditions including some of the most common listed below.

Foreign Body X-Rays

Chest X-Rays

Chest X-rays for the following are helpful in detecting underlying issues:

Bone X-Rays

Bones can be diagnosed for many reasons such as:

Why Choose Urgent Care in Los Angeles for X-rays?

If you’ve ever sat in a hospital Emergency Room with a broken bone, waiting to be taken back for X-rays, you’ll appreciate our speedy services.
RapidDoc Urgent Care in LA is your trusted source for expedited X-rays. We strive to keep your wait time to a minimal and accept same day appointments and walk-in services too. Our team of radiology experts ensure your diagnosis and treatment will be prompt and accurate. Because we have state-of-the-art X-ray equipment, you’ll have quick results. Our services are affordable, much less expensive than hospital Emergency Rooms and other Urgent Care Centers. If you are in need on an X-ray, come on in and experience the RapidDoc Urgent Care difference today.

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