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Ears, Eyes, Nose and Throat


Cough and Difficulty Breathing



Urinary System



Lab Testing and X-ray

  • X-ray
  • Chemistry PanelEvaluates your electrolytes, kidney and liver function
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)Evaluates for signs of infection, depressed immunity, anemia, and platelet count
  • Blood SugarEvaluates for high or low blood sugar
  • Fecal Occult Blood Testing (FOBT)Evaluates for the presence of gastrointestinal bleeding
  • Rapid MonoSpot Testing – Blood antigen test to evaluate for Mononucleosis viral infection
  •  UrinalysisEvaluates for urinary tract infection, as well as blood and protein in the urine, which may be due to a variety of condition
  • Respiratory Pathogen Testing Antigen testing to detect COVID-19, Influenza A/B, as well as Strep A bacterial pharyngitis infection. results for each pathogen test available in ~5-10 minutes.
  • EKGEvaluates for signs of heart attack, arrhythmia, electrolyte abnormalities

Supercharge Your Life with B12 Shots

Our vitamin therapy B12 shots are designed to recharge your body, delivering a potent boost of this crucial vitamin directly into your system – supporting cellular function and fueling your stamina.

Don’t let low energy stand in your way of living life to the fullest any longer – energize and revive with Vitamin B12 shots in Los Angeles today. Experience the life-changing benefits of a simple, yet powerful solution tailored to your needs. You deserve to be at your best.

Discover your potential, elevate your performance, and embrace a life of vibrancy and vitality. Don’t just exist, thrive with our Vitamin B12 shots. Welcome to a brighter, more energetic you.

Pre-Employment Medical Screening and Pre-Operative Clearance Evaluation

Does your new job require a pre-employment health screening? Or are you required to undergo a preoperative medical evaluation prior to a medical procedure? RapidDoc has you covered!

Whether you are starting a new career, or scheduled for a surgical procedure, it is important to have a comprehensive screening evaluation to ensure your health is optimized. These evaluations aim to identify health conditions, prepare your surgical team, and improve any underlying conditions that may increase your risk of surgery or limit job performance.

Basic evaluation includes assessing vital signs and obtaining a history and physical examination, EKG, chest X-ray, blood and urine labs, when applicable. Further testing or referrals may be needed based on your medical history or any abnormalities found upon your initial evaluation.

At RapidDoc Urgent Care we take a customized approach to patient care, to provide safer working functional and health status, and to aid in a safer surgical course and recovery.

Procedures Performed

With careful attention to your privacy, modesty, and comfort, we are able to perform this female examination to evaluate for causes of abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, and pelvic infection.

Accidental foreign bodies are common in kids and adults! We can carefully remove foreign bodies from cavities including the ear canal, nose, eyelids, and superficially under the skin.

Abscesses, which are an infection of soft tissues, can occur for a number of reasons and are common! These may occur anywhere throughout the body. Antibiotics are helpful but the optimal treatment is removal of the buildup of pus. We can evaluate your abscess, and if indicated, we can safely incise and drain many different types of abscesses, controlling the source of infection and significantly alleviating your discomfort.

Jammed or crushed the tip of your finger and have a significantly painful collection of blood underneath your nail? We can drain that painful collection of blood underneath your nail, significantly alleviating your pain.

Sustaining a laceration, or open wound, can occur for a variety of reasons. We can evaluate your wound and come up with an optimal plan for closure of your wound, with careful consideration to cleanse your wound to decrease subsequent skin and soft tissue infection, repair your wound using numerous methods including specialized skin glue, skin staples, or suture repair. We update your tetanus immunization if needed and strive to provide you with the best possible cosmetic outcome, regardless if your wound is small, large, simple requiring a single layer of closure, or multiple layers of repair.

Fell, tripped, slipped, or twisted your limb? Or were involved in an accident? After obtaining X-ray imaging, we can determine if your limb is fractured (broken or partially cracked), or dislocated (moved out of anatomic and functional position).

If indicated, with close attention to your comfort and pain, reducing your broken/dislocated bones back into as close to proper position promotes optimal healing, improves pain and subsequent functionality, and can even sometimes save the need for surgery later on!

Nonetheless, we will formulate the optimal treatment plan for you! We also make sure you have an orthopaedic subspecialist for you to follow up with to make sure your fractures and dislocations heal appropriately!

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